Hydrometer Case Three Place Flip Top

Hydrometer Case Three Place Flip Top
Hydrometer Case Three Place Flip Top


Product DescriptionThe Three Place Flip-Top Hydrometer case is designed to conveniently carry three 15-inch API thermohydrometers. The black case features a rugged plastic outer shell with separate interior compartments, each lined with felt. The felt-lined lid is cut at a 30º angel to allow it to arc from the hydrometers when opening and closing, preventing stem breakage. Two models are available. The 403B088 model uses a spring-loaded hinge to hold the lid in the open or closed position; the 403B089 model uses a positive tension latch that holds the lid closed until released.

Details & Specs

  • The hard plastic outer shell is light and durable.
  • The felt-lined compartments reduce scratches and dampen falls. 
Spring-loaded ClosurePart #: 403B088
Latch ClosurePart #: 403B089
  • Length: 16.50"
  • Width: 4.50”
  • Height: 1.50”
  • Weight: 1lb
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