Robinson 800 Series
Field Centrifuge

Designed for determining sediment and water (S&W) content of crude oil according to API 10.4 testing standards, the Robinson 800 Series Heated Centrifuge provides maximum accuracy, efficiency, and dependability for Crude Oil Haulers. Intended to operate from a vehicle's 12-volt system, all models are electrically heated and thermostatically controlled to hold samples at required testing temperatures.

Field Centrifuge

Robinson 900 Series
Laboratory Centrifuge

Designed and built to meet ASTM D4007 specifications, the Robinson 900 Series Heated Centrifuge is the first Robinson Centrifuge that spins the 100mL 8-inch long cone tube. Each unit is equipped with thermostatically controlled heaters and comes standard with a digital timer, tachometer, and temperature controller to give the operator full control over testing conditions.

Laboratory Centrifuge

100mL Short Cone
Tube, 200 Parts

Made to API/ASTM oil testing standards, Robinson’s 100mL 6-inch short cone centrifuge tubes are constructed from clear annealed glass, and feature etched white graduation lines for clear and accurate readings. These 200 part tubes are marked from 0 to 200% to allow direct volume readings from test samples and include extra graduation lines for more precise readings between the major values.

200 Parts Details

Butterfly Valve
Oil Thief

Originally designed and created by Robinson, the Butterfly Valve Oil Thief has quickly become the preferred choice for many thieving applications. The quarter-turn concentric valve opening/closing assembly is located within the barrel making the unit more compact and allows the thief to pass through openings as small as 5 inches in diameter.

Oil Thief

US Tape Double
Duty Gauging Tape

Also know as Chrome/Nubian tapes, the Double Duty Gauging tapes have a chrome-plated blade with a black strip along the bottom edge, making it useful for working with both dark and light oils/liquids. The coating on the blade helps to reduce the wear caused by chemicals and tough working conditions. Complete tapes 75’ length and shorter are housed in the small frame design. Made in USA.

Gauging Tape

Combined Form

The Robinson Thermohydrometers’ precision grade design meets API oil testing specifications and is calibrated to API scale Modulus 141.5 at 60°F. The hydrometers are constructed with a solid alloy ballast and are designed to permit quick penetration to the setting point, creating no air bubbles. Each hydrometer incorporates a built-in thermometer for convenience when testing samples.

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