Plain Form Hydrometer

Plain Form Hydrometer
Plain Form Hydrometer


The Robinson Hydrometers’ precision grade design meets API oil testing specifications and is calibrated to API scale Modulus 141.5 at 60°F. Hydrometers are constructed with a solid alloy ballast and are designed to permit quick penetration to the setting point, creating no air bubbles.

All hydrometers can be certified upon request. Hydrometers are certified at three points on the gravity scale as specified by NIST (formerly NBS). Each certified instrument is accompanied by a document of certification that includes the correction of each point tested.

Details & Specs

Part #
Hydrometer Length (in)API Gravity RangeDivisionASTM
403A00113-1 to 110.11H
403A002139 to 210.12H
403A0031319 to 310.13H
403A0041329 to 410.14H
403A0051339 to 510.15H
403A0061349 to 610.1H
403A0071359 to 710.17H
403A0081369 to 810.18H
403A0091379 to 910.19H
403A0101389 to 1010.110H
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