Oil Thief Rope

Oil Thief Rope
Oil Thief Rope


Made from ¼-inch 100% cotton sash cord, oil thief ropes come complete with a trigger snap hook on one end for quick connection. Marked and unmarked ropes are available. Marked ropes are indicated at two-foot intervals with brass ferrules so thief depth can easily be discerned. Both styles of rope are available in standard lengths of 25ft, 33ft, 50ft, 66ft, 75ft, and 100ft. Add a dash “-“ and rope length in feet to end of part number to specify length (example: The part number for a 25-foot unmarked rope is 110B016-25).

Details & Specs

  • Made from ¼-inch 100% cotton sash cord.
  • Trigger snap hook makes connections quick and easy.
  • Brass ferrules make it easy to discern thief depth (marked ropes only).
  • Unmarked Rope (SKU: 110B016)
  • Rope Marked for 12-inch Thief (Part #: 110B017)
  • Rope Marked for 16-inch Thief (Part #: 110B018)
  • Rope Marked for 18-inch Thief (Part #: 110B019)
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