Robinson Hand Crank Centrifuge

Robinson Hand Crank Centrifuge
Robinson Hand Crank Centrifuge

Robinson Hand Crank Centrifuge


The Robinson Hand Crank Centrifuge includes a die-cast aluminum body. The centrifuge can be securely mounted to a workbench using the built-in clamp handle. A 16 to 1 gear ratio allows the operator to attain high speeds with less effort. The wide sweeping crank handle uses a spring clutch to ensure easy and safe start-up and stopping. 12.5mL, 100mL short cone, and 100mL pear shape models are available. Centrifuge tubes sold separately.

Details & Specs

  • Compact and lightweight for maximum portability.
  • Die-cast aluminum housing provides strength and durability.
  • Built-in clamp can be securely fastened to any workbench or flat surface.
  • 16:1 gear ratio allows for more speed with less effort.
  • Spring clutch makes starting and stopping smooth and easy.

Model 560

  • Hand Crank
  • 12.5mL Tube
  • 2-Place Head

Model 561

  • Hand Crank
  • 100mL Short Cone Tube
  • 2-Place Head

Model 562

  • Hand Crank
  • 100mL Pear Shape Tube
  • 2-Place Head

Model 563

  • Hand Crank
  • 12.5mL Tube
  • 4-Place Head
  • Swing Diameter 12.5mL: 13.50"
  • Swing Diameter 100mL Short Cone: 16.25"
  • Swing Diameter 100mL Pear Shape: 17.25"
  • Weight: 7lb
  • Maximum Clamp Width: 1.75"
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