Quick Thief

Quick Thief
Quick Thief

Quick Thief with Rope


The Robinson Quick Thief (100cc) is made entirely of brass. Machined to the highest quality, the top inlet opening provides a sure-seat seal. Samples may be collected at intermediate levels by simply lowering the thief and snapping the wrist. Each thief is equipped with a 25-ft lowering rope that is marked in one-foot intervals so thief depth can easily be discerned.

Details & Specs

  • Made from brass for durability.
  • 100 milliliter (100cc) capacity.
  • Sure-seat seal reduces leaking and spillage.
  • Single-wrist action makes sample collection simple and easy.

Part #: 110B001

  • Length: 1.50””
  • Width: 2.15”
  • Height: 9.00”
  • Weight: 1.50lb
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