Zone Sampler

Zone Sampler
Zone Sampler


Designed to take samples of liquids from any section or level (zone) from various types of storage tanks, the Robinson Zone Sampler is made out of stainless steel and features a metal bail at the top end used to attach a lowering rope or chain. As the sampler descends through the liquid, the top cover and bottom valve open, allowing the liquid to pass through. When the sampler reaches the desired zone and stops lowering, the top cover and bottom valve close to secure the sample.

Details & Specs

  • Made from stainless steel for maximum durability.
  • Samples can easily be taken from any level (zone) of a storage tank.

Large Zone Sampler
(Part #: 110B035)

  • Capacity: 800mL
  • Diameter: 3.00”
  • Height: 16.25”
  • Weight: 2.50lb

Small Zone Sampler
(Part #: 110B046)

  • Capacity: 190mL
  • Diameter: 1.60”
  • Height: 15.00”
  • Weight: 1.50lb
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