6-inch Innage Plumb Bob

6-inch Innage Plumb Bob Brass
6-inch Innage Plumb Bob Brass

Metric Innage Plumb Bob Brass

Metric Innage Plumb Bob Brass

6-inch Innage Plumb Bob Brass

6-inch Innage Plumb Bob Steel

Metric Innage Plumb Bob Steel


For use with innage oil gauging tapes. All plumb bobs are machined and manufactured in-house from solid brass or stainless steel and feature a serration on one side for use with water/gas finding paste. The eyelet at the top of each bob is precisely machined for accurate measurements. Marked plumb bobs have clearly defined black graduations for reliable and effortless readings.

Details & Specs

  • Made from brass or stainless steel for durability.
  • Precisely machined for accurate measurements.
  • Serrated for use with gas or water finding paste.
  • Clearly defined graduations for effortless readings (marked plumb bobs only).

Part #
Brass, Unmarked401A096
Brass, Unmarked, Long Point401A096L
Brass with English Markings401A0991/8th inch
Brass with Tenths Markings401A1001/10th inch
Brass with Metric Markings401A1012mm
Brass English/Metric Markings401A1021/8th inch / 2mm
Brass with English/Metric Markings, Safety Tip401B2981/8th inch / 2mm
Stainless Steel with English/Metric Markings401A2961/8th inch / 2mm
Stainless Steel with English Markings401A3001/8th inch
Stainless Steel with Metric Markings401A3012mm
  • Diameter: 1.00"
  • Height: 6.75"
  • Weight: 21oz
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