Tank Strapping Pole

Tank Strapping Pole
Tank Strapping Pole


The Tank Strapping Pole allows tanks to be strapped from the ground. Constructed of aluminum, the 16-foot telescopic pole features a strapping head, chalk holder, and scribe holder. The scribe and chalk are used to mark the height of each tank ring that is to be measured. The strapping tape ring is attached to the strapping head and the tape is walked around the tank. The line is then moved into position over the marks. PVC carrying case is sold separately.

Details & Specs

  • Telescopic pole extends up to 16 feet.
  • Constructed from aluminum for durability.
ProductPart #
Tank Strapping Pole401B200
Carrying Case401B201
  • Length: 6’7” (16’9” fully extended)
  • Weight: 4lb
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